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Adolfo explains what they are trying to do. The guy wants to know if there are bodies in the trunk, but the guy likes it! They find a few more potential customers and everyone seems to like riding in the vintage town car! They are excited. Ron throws some of the cologne on Mike, because you know these two Janine and Dom go to see Maria at Isabella Creations to show her the idea of the money cake to maybe sell them at her shop. At first, Maria is hesitant, but Janine explains there will be a 10 percent commission.

Maria agrees and the deal is made. However, Janine sees that the ones in the cake are rolled bigger than usual. There's money missing. Adolfo and Ron have two Gentleman Taxis out and is looking for potential riders. They are getting lucky with customers. People don't mind paying an extra 5. One guy is drinking whiskey, another is using the cologne and another is using the shoe shine. Everyone seems to love it.

Uh oh, Ron finds a woman to pick up. She has a lot of questions and says there should be things back there for women, too. She has complaints, as well. Oh, well.

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You can't please everyone. Back at Angelina's, Adolfo shows up looking sharp in a suit. Ron explains that the runs made with the Gentleman's Taxi were successful. However, Tony D says that they want to see if the idea works outside of Staten Island. So, they are going to try it out in the big city. Off to Manhattan it is! Adolfo is riding shotgun while Ron drives.

Another part I was laughing at. Ron isn't the best driver. He's getting too close to the curb and other vehicles. Adolfo is getting paler by the minute.

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He says an eyelash couldn't have fit between their car and the car next to them. He's in fear of his life. We will have to see if they have luck in the city. Back at Dom and Janine's, the meatball challenge is happening. Tony D shows up in a tuxedo apron. He's ready to go. He brought his secret ingredient. Mike is there, too.

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  • They are off to the races! Everyone is watching, including the Detore dog, Charlee.

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    The man gives us all sorts of reasons to dislike him, why obscure his already-bad reputation with this crap?

    Keeping it in the Family

    Christie, If you are truly that ignorant… this country is in a hell of a lot more trouble than I thought. Please, fat man, STFU and go the hell away! It sure sounds as if he has a sexual problem…. Sounds like a personal problem to me!! Omg no he did not just call all lesbians dykes seriously!

    Christie is the poster child of why women should turn lesbian. I just hope he keeps his word about Sarah Palin! At first they said gay was a choice, the followed you became gay because you had two parents of the same sex, now you become gay due to Viagra. This is BS. Educate yourself people! He never made the offensive comments. As a New Jersey resident that has seen and heard Chris Christies promises, actions, accomplishments of promises and truthfulness. As a New Jersey resident I would warn the country that he is not the man to lead us forward!

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    Oh Satire… You own so many people. Others like myself will enjoy this, a woman who wants more sex not less is a dream come true. Who cares if you are afraid to show that fat ass, your pencil thin appendage covered by layers of stapled obese belly, eeeeeyucks. You all do realize this is satire right? I find it funny you are all upset by everything after the first two paragraphs use the fact button its all satire.

    So I guess every woman that ever turned him down is a dyke. Sound to me like Christie has more than a few problems in the bedroom. Put the sandwich down and find the gspot, you old missionary position boy. Speak for yourself, Blubba. If you know how to treat a woman, you do just fine.

    Morbid obesity is a leading contributor to Erectile Dysfunction. Probably takes her an hour and a half to find that little white chocolate Tootsie Roll.

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    This is fake guys. This site is full of satirical quotes like the Onion. It is amazing that someone who wants to be President of the United States, arguably the most important elected position in the world, would offer such an astonishingly stupid comment. You might think that a person in that position might recognize a subject on which they know nothing and refrain from commenting until they learned more.

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    I thought that was why it was invented. This is a political satire website — Christie never said any of this. Interestingly, when you click on the Show Fact button on this page it only highlights the first two paragraphs. Also, it cites no sources and offers no link to audio or video of him saying that. What might this suggest about YOUR responses and biases.