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Paul Saladino Email: paulsalidinomd gmail. Today we have fellow filmmaker and neighbor of mine, Chris Bell. He has some solid advice on filmmaking as well as life.

I definitely enjoyed spending time with him talking about all my favorite topics. You can get the Real Foods coin I gave him in the middle of the episode on our Indiegogo page while getting a copy of the Food Lies film. We might only have 10 left so get them while you can. Thanks for making this possible - just go to Patreon. I sincerely appreciate it and really love our tribe we are forming. Support me on Patreon! Colesterol, LDL, statins, and metformin He also made the movie Prescription Thugs How do you know when the documentary is finished and you found the story?

This is a sad story with a happy ending.

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She followed all the traditional advice and ate a very plant-heavy vegetarian and even vegan diet only to have 30 years of health problems because of that diet. At first all this oxalate stuff is hard to believe. Also for people who may be skeptical of how bad oxalates are you can go to the vegan site veganhealth.

Yes, a vegan site warning about plant food dangers.

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This is not some wacky carnivore idea people. I just started a Patreon for this podcast. We are a tribe and everyone does their part to keep things moving. I appreciate all the messages I get that help keep me motivated when the hours get long. This episode was possible from 1 or 2 listeners who kept mentioning Sally and her work.

Thanks so much for supporting me in all my efforts. Please go to Patreon. Just a couple dollars a month really helps. We invented the idea of the victory garden I was out with a girl from Peru who was laughing at Americans for eating green vegetables - the mainly eat meat, fish, and starches. Part 36 - Dr. Today we have a double header with 2 great figures as well as athletes in the low carb community. Zach Bitter is the mile American record holder and 12 hour world record holder for ultramarathons.

He hosts the Human Performance Outliers podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker and has learned many lessons from amazing people along the way. He has wealth of knowledge of fat adapted athletics and fueling himself with meat while healing his body. But first we have Dr. Jeff Volek famously did that rewrote the textbooks on fat oxidation.

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  7. Thanks again for helping us finish the Indiegogo campaign. Many of you probably saw the video of me pole vaulting for the first time in over 16 years on social media. This is going to be awesome. Also the mostly eating meat, fish, and eggs thing is really tripping them out. Follow along on social media. Phinney and Dr.

    He only needs carbs when doing intensity plus high volume. Either one separately he doesn't. Plant foods aren't doing much for you other than taking up space in your stomach from things that could be worse. The real nutrition is from the animal foods. He asked auditoriums full of recruits who has lost 50 pounds or more and kept it off for a year? Mark did it himself and measured 2. Part 35 - Dr. He then worked as an assistant professor in the neurology department at the Yale school of medicine. He has over peer-reviewed publications and is author of the book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.

    I got a chance to meet and interview him at the Metabolic Health Summit earlier this year. I hope people look up the paper he recently published that we mention and watch his presentation I linked to in the show notes and go deeper on this topic.

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    This really shouldn't be very surprising to anyone, however, because of course our modern diet and lifestyle would have the biggest effect on the rising cancer rates. And of course fixing these things would also be a major part of the treatment. You can still preorder a copy of Food Lies on Indiegogo even though our campaign just ended. We still need your support to finish post production. The Federal government puts out websites saying cancer is genetic, medical schools teach it's genetic, leading cancer clinics tell patients it's genetic Entrenched beliefs continue this.

    But if you implant a normal nucleus to a cell with damaged cytoplasm, you get more tumor cells. This shows it's the damaged mitochondria in the cytoplasm, not the DNA in the nucleus The wheelchair doesn't cause your legs to not work Needle biopsies are putting people at risk and are pointless He calls this general misunderstanding of cancer the biggest tragedy in the history of medicine What do critics of his views say?

    Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer, lipid and cholesterol investigator, and self-experimenter. He also travels around the country speaking at conferences This is a must-listen if you have high LDL cholesterol on a high fat diet or still think that cholesterol is bad. You should also go back and listen to the Ivor Cummins episode in season 1 which gives more of a foundation of knowledge and a bunch of other great info on the topic.

    We jump straight in and get technical in the beginning, but stick around. We backtrack and give a lot more context and explain things more clearly.

    Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

    This might be the last time you hear from me before the Food Lies Indiegogo campaign ends. This is the last chance to preorder the film and support us.

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    The crowdfunding ends Monday, April 1st at midnight. Please reach out or pass this along if this is a possibility. Click through the link in the show notes or from FoodLies. He also travels the world giving talks and is the founder of Primal Kitchen.

    I saw this first hand filming with him in Miami Beach and running around with him on the ultimate frisbee field. He is a role model of how to look, live, and feel as you enter the latter part of your life. Of course I have to mention the Food Lies film crowdfunding first. This is when we really need your help. We have no outside investors. This is a group effort by the community to make an important piece of history. They need to see this presented to them in a simple and entertaining audio-visual format that they can stream from the comfort of their own home on a wednesday night.

    Please go to FoodLies. He is definitely not a low carb person which is why I had him on. He has a lot of great ideas and is a great mind in the space of nutrition. It was very interesting to hear him talk about all the great benefits he did see when he ate a low carb diet 11 years ago.


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    Make sure to listen until the end when he talks about this. I think this is wrong. So in that - I agree.